Caida Court
under the
Cactus Moon

March 5

Hi Ed J,
Please post this to the web site. Bunch questions my brother Ed H had and response from board. It provides good info to know.
Hello Ed H,
Thank you for your email. We are still gathering information, but here are some answers in regards to your questions/comments:
Who is on the landscape committee?
Edward Johnson, Carrie Farrell, Richard Horn, Martin Malia, Dottie Kirby, Nancy McEntire.
Is Nancy McEntire (board treasurer) also on the Landscape committee? Yes
How do we get in touch with the landscape committee?
Ed Johnson reached out to all owners and is gathering information from them. You may call or email him. You may also email Nancy McEntire.
What became of the meeting with Oxygen Landscape LLC? What is in their contract, and what responsibilities do they have in servicing our court? Are they responsible for our irrigation system and making sure it is delivering the correct amount of water to existing plants?
On their website they say they do irrigation. Do they do xeriscape landscape design to select appropriate plants for our site that would require less water? Did they have any concerns or ideas to reduce water use in servicing our property? The purpose of the meeting with Oxygen Landscaping was to talk about concerns regarding our service.
They will be in charge of our irrigation system. Rich Horn and Martin Malia volunteered to take a look at and adjust our irrigation and watering times/amount, which they are in the process of doing. Oxygen Landscape will be presenting us with a couple of scenarios to transition into xeriscape that saves water and maintenance.
You have mentioned that we want to reduce the amount of water that we are using. How much water are we using with our present irrigation system? Who checks the system to make sure it is functioning properly i.e. timing and amount delivered, no lines or sprinkler heads broken, water getting to the plants and not flowing out in the street or sidewalk?
Oxygen Landscape.
How often is the irrigation system checked? According to season changes?
Are the condo owners responsible for replacing and selecting plants in front of their condo area?
No. That's common property.
If so, do we have guidelines for the type of plants we can select?
Does Colby have recommendations for landscape design?
Colby suggests companies that are fully bonded and insured. The Board makes the decision on who to hire.
I like our palm trees, grapefruit tree and other drought tolerant trees that would provide us some shade to the central court.
I would like to get quotes from Landscape Design Companies specializing in xeriscaping to see what ideas they would recommend to reduce our irrigation water use.
Has anyone gone around to other condo courts to see what they have done with landscaping to reduce water use?
Yes. You could take pictures to give us ideas and post them to Ed Johnson's site:

Hi Rich H. I need to add:
Who responded to your question? Officially? I did not receive any acknowledgment of asking questions. You did better than me
There is a safety issue posted on the site and no one has acknowledged the issue. Did you see it below?
I conclude the site does not work?
Ed J

Feb 25, May 20

The safety issue for our Northeast parking area has been addressed.
I was told that there is a vision problem but I don't use this area. Any traffic going south on 109th cannot see a car pulling/backing out of the parking. It is hard to believe this picture. This bush needs to be trimmed on top so all can see safely, Ed. Please comment on this. Ed 13605

Any safety issue has been taken care of on May 20.

I offer this site for us as long as it takes
In an effort to facilitate communication and share ideas
for the betterment of home satisfaction of our residence
I ask forgiveness not permission
and present these.

I will continue with examples.
Rich and Martin returned a comment that the site may be useful.

Feb 18

I took another route walking with my sister to show her some awesome landscaping. It's done by 1 man as an offering to the residents. The pics show his work. He doesn’t charge. The work continued on down road. His name is Mick Steiner from Michigan, here for 3-4 months, doing his awesome work, then back north. He wants to be known!! Rich

Feb 16

There is one spot where the irragation pipe is broken.
Rich and I found the break
and Rich is going to fix it with material that he has to remove any cost factor. Thank you Rich.

Hi Ed,
Please post these photos on our irrigation system and the water going into street or parking areas. We are trying to save $$ on water and no one acknowledges neglect of our system. I will work with Martin to try to resolve since he has the key to the control system. The broken riser I fixed already. Rich

I think that this type of entrance is most common but some are not this good
all entrances should be corrected as a first step?
send your comments to me by return email or Ed 13605

From Ed Horn to Ed Johnson, I know we have had a hard time getting shrubs to grow in our entrance area whether it be too much or too little water, too heavy a soil, too much salt, or too much shade. Anyway, I do not think the square trimmed evergreen shrubs are a good look. They require a lot of water and extra maintenance to keep them trimmed to the square unnatural look. Are we after a formal garden look or possibly plant selections that would require less maintenance and water.
Not sure if this will get on your web site. I did not see the reply to all.

The Return to All is an option on an emails with multiple adresses

Hey Ed, Your website sounds just like what we need to help keep us all informed about Caida landscaping. I am all for reducing water use by using xeriscaping ideas and plants that can tolerate the hot dry conditions of Sun City 9 -10b planting zones. In searching Sun City plant nurseries I came across the Green Goddess site:, or the site I am not in favor of removing and replacing our plants with plastic plants and white gravel. That does not provide an attractive integrative approach to landscaping in our central courtyard. Anyway I would be interested to hear what other folks think. Thanks for your interest, Ed Horn 13604 N 109th.

There are many spots where the gravel has washed or been blown off. They need to be covered with surrounding gravel.

There are many spots where the gravel has washed or been blown off the plastic and the plastic edge is showing in all its glory.
the plastic edge needs to be removed and covered with surrounding gravel.

There are many spots where the landscaping material is stacked or knocked out of place.
All that needs to be done here is to make it neat.
Some places will require a trowel to displace gravel and move the borders into place.

There is, of course, the tree stumps that have never been removed or covered by boulders.
This will take more consideration to cover under a raised feature ot removed to make room for another tree..